Daniel González D.G.Clothes Project - 10 yrs book


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Catalogue Specifications
Format 15 x 23 cm – 6 x 9 inches
Pages 120
Colour pictures
Cover: unique piece, hand-made (after placing the order, please email us with the one you prefer among the ones here displayed)
Limited edition of 100
Artist signature & limited series number on last page
- History
- Performance reports: Portrait Fashion Factory, My Clothes
- Collections: Sculpture Shoes, Bags, Clothes, Jewelry
(Shipping to Italy included; everywhere else from 5 $ to 10 $)

The fashion-art project Daniel González D.G.Clothes Project is pleased to present the first ten-year catalogue book.
Since 2004 Daniel González D.G.Clothes Project is creating collections of Unique Wearable Artworks for daily use with an unconventional mesh-up of materials, fabrics and styles.
Ten years of pushing boundaries and going beyond the concepts of fashion, trend and trademark, and the ability to exploit a deep research on the relationship between identity and outfit as declination of personality.

The book catalogue presents the performance-runway shows which usually engage people on a RSVP base call and present a brand-new signature Sculpture Collection of Unique Wearable Artworks. Throughout ten-year activity the Daniel González D.G.Clothes Project presented Sculpture Collections, such as clothes, caps, bags, bijoux and shoes, in art-related field locations between America and Europe.
The book catalogue is also wrapped up with a hand-made cover in a unique design. All covers are single one-off pieces.

About Daniel González D.G. Clothes Project

Established in 2004 in Berlin by Argentine artist Daniel González, the Daniel González D.G.Clothes Project is an art-applied-to-fashion project, which investigates the limits between the Self and the Exterior Appearance of individuals. Through this label, Daniel González creates Wearable Sculptures by mixing clothes, shoes, objects, textiles, accessories and a variety of styles, which speak of the person who wears them in an extremely intimate way.

The Daniel González D.G.Clothes Project is producing hand-made Wearable Sculptures in Unique Pieces, which are always presented with high-impact performances/runway shows hosted in art-related locations, such as art galleries, fairs, museums or festivals.
Among the others: Ventura Lambrate 2015 & 2014; Santo Spirito in Sassia, Rome, 2015; Marsèlleria Milan Fashion Week, 2015; Luminaria Festival, San Antonio, TX, 2014; Diana Lowenstein Gallery, Miami, 2013; Studio La Città Gallery, Verona, 2013; Manifesta, 2008; Viafarini, Milan, 2006; México Arte Contemporaneo, 2006; Neuer Aachener Kunstverein, Aachen, 2005; Prague Biennale, 2005


Image of Daniel González D.G.Clothes Project - 10 yrs book Image of Daniel González D.G.Clothes Project - 10 yrs book