Hair Jewels - mod.#4 & #5


Image of Hair Jewels - mod.#4 & #5

hair curlers sculptures
Realized in UNIQUE PIECES for the performance “Portrait Fashion Factory” 2015 which took place in Rome
AVAILABLE in showroom: This item is shipped from Italy

REQUESTS: We gladly accept custom orders! Production might take from 1 month up for a similar item. Daniel González D.G.Clothes Project is dedicated to the production of unique handmade one-off pieces. Production times vary depending on style, inspiration and availability of materials. Your request will be inspired to the item you see here, but will differ in details. Transport costs will be shown at checkout. Customs and export duties are ALWAYS EXCLUDED and charged to the customer.

For special occasions or gifts, please plan in advance your purchase. We do care about your request, but availability may differ throughout the year.

Items are shipped as they are. This is a unique work of art, created by Argentine artist Daniel González, within his artist-run research project D.G.Clothes Project. All scratches or imperfections are part of the work of art itself.


Image of Hair Jewels - mod.#4 & #5 Image of Hair Jewels - mod.#4 & #5 Image of Hair Jewels - mod.#4 & #5